Science and Faith

Science today has reached far beyond anything that could have been imagined before, even as late as the 19th Century when Charles Darwin searched the world for evidence of evolution. At that time, they lacked the equipment and methods we have developed to study cellular biology, molecular physics, and even paleontology. Genetics was blind, knowing nothing about DNA.

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History of Islam – Part I

Muhammad to the Crusades
(570 – 1095 AD)

The following table lists the lifetimes, reigns, periods, and events surrounding the early formation and development of Islam. The full stories are available from open sources, and so they are given here more succinctly.

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Natural Law

“The Laws of Nature, and of Nature’s God.”

This is a phrase found in the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence. I have been wanting to address it for some time. Now we are in an election cycle where we hope to see a peaceful transition of power to a new president, and I think this would be a good time to think about these things. Continue reading

Evolution Theory


The term “evolution” means different things in different contexts, even in terms of biology. On the molecular level, it means a generational change in traits of individual organisms within a species (such as with Genetic Drift). This is microevolution, and it is certainly observed. What we usually mean by Evolution Theory is something else, entirely.

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